Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thanks so much to all my dudes..=D

early in the morning have to wake up..==
11A.M my bro come and fetch me go for breakfast at PJ area..
after that heading to tropicana mall for movie at 1.10 P.M
dont know why they wana buy so early..T.T
the purpose of this outing is just to entertain me anyway..
due to 'someone' out there who just fooling on me..
they are all from team impact car club..
joe(joker)vzaii(pet bro),jeffery,wwlai,alvin tan(xyren), and gary
alright 1st movie
'The unbelievable'
2nd movie..
'Where got ghost?'
such a funny movie wei..lol..
people out there remember to watch this..
laugh to the maximum..no joke..=D
alright..heading to a restaurant which located somewhere at PJ area too..
yeahh..dinner time..
im gonna gain weight again =.=

this is really really f***king DELICIOUS..
no wonder they always have their own 'UOLS' at here
one time eat..ASK FOR MOREE..=D
this is mee..dont know what mee la..
so so only..
this is wantan mee..
dont how it taste..
nice maybe?lol
this is really insane..
guess who drink the most?
its JOE..such a crazy liong sui guy
whole restaurant people looking at us when we arranging the cups..lol..
paiseh paiseh..=X
random shoot time..
they want me to pose..
simply pose like a crazy people beside the road..lol
xyren's car..T.I 10
vzaii's car..T.I 108

joe's car T.I 40

i just uploaded few here..there is still few more at facebook..
check it out there then..

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