Tuesday, June 30, 2009


out of no way i felt so down
i want someone to accompany me..
is there anyone for me RIGHT NOW?
i dont think so..
just to keep it in me,myself and I
eddie was not here when i need him
wanted to sign in msn but line problem
thought of finding people to talk with but there is no one for me
even god also dont want to help me out of this
i think too much?
no im not i guess
where is my lover?
not available for me today cause he was busy with his friend's party
i need someone..
i really need someone..
is there anyone who willing to lend me his/her shoulder and ears?
for me to lean while listening to me?
luckily i got my 'best friend' here
who always letting me to write on it body
willing to listen to my emoness
and thats you..blog
oh goshhh..
mayc wake up wake up wake up!!
im getting more and more emo right now
i guess i should stop right here right now
before any incident happen on me
off to bed soon to avoid rubbish thinking
good night everyone
*light off and shut down everthing

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