Sunday, August 2, 2009

i feel so awkward..

dont know where to start
dont know where to end
nothing much to talk
moody mood for the whole day
morning morning itself starts to argue
over again and again
i knew he dont like i go out always
but the purpose i go out just for work
not simply go out for fun
he dont like i involve myself in entertainment career
ok fine i dont enter
he dont like i go for photoshooting
ok fine i reject all the photographer
whatever things that he dont like i already try to avoid it
just to make you stay with me
is that so hard for you to do so?
im trying to make our relationship more stable
but yet you're crazy over a small little thing
i know you cant change me so fast..
yea im changing
all i need is your chances and time from you
like you said you're so disappointed with me cause you cant change me to become your
perfect girl
im sorry if i really cant make it
for me there is no PERFECT this word in my mind
waited for your message the whole day but you dint message me at all
call you dont pick
message you dont reply
what can i do?
i have to find public phone to call you up in order for you to answer my phone call
i just wanted to hear your voice
1week we dint meet up
or maybe he dont feel like want to see me
thats why he decided to go back to hometown and cool down himself
im still right here waiting for your call and sms
from the way you sms me can feel that you're still cant control yourself
you're still fire burning inside your heart
i feel so awkward out of sudden from your sms i can feel it
no more bi
no more muax
NO MORE iloveyou
although you dont like to say that 3words
but i really hope you stand beside me and slowly gently wisper and say


Anonymous said...

well.. for ur info, i'm asking u to listen wat i'm trying to say right now.. cause i dun think u'll like it.. so.. here goes.. in my opinion.. i think u're mature enuf to think tat 'forever' it doesnt really exist anymore.. it's like out of 100males, only 1 of it got tat.. the purpose of a guy who's trying to avoid a girls call or not replying means 'by3by3.. i dun like you anymore' or 'stay away from me, u're annoying'.. trust me.. i've been more serious case then u.. i'm just sharing my experience.. den i ask u, if u 2 really get married in future, will u ever forget wat he's done to hurt u?? yes.. u will forgive.. but can u forget?? it's like som1 cut ur hand.. n everytime u only can wipe of the wound.. but u cant sew it back..

Anonymous said...

sry.. i meant i'm NOT asking u to listen wat i'm trying to say...

Dennis said...

It is easy to pass judgement on Eddie without first understanding him. Remember, he is equally a human being who also has feelings and imperfections.

You have a great gift from God. But thereinlies the problem that is harder for you to detect..

I know many people like you and they all tell me the same thing that it is harder for them to know who is real or who they can trust. I somehow got to know them very well, and by understanding them better i realise that i cannot blame them for being cautious.

A lot of guys put on a facade to look good or hide their imperfections in front of you. They will say and do all the good things. But what they do and say is entirely different from their internal motive.

I know what is the problem and how you can solve it. But i wont say it here. There are a lot of schemers and snakes out there who'd love to see you break up with your bf for their own benefit. So for your own benefit at this point, stop listening to them.

Anonymous said...

i'm not making u too feel bad.. just to tell dennis tat.. well.. c wat's happening?? u think tat u're so damn smart wif ur thinking?? can u ever compare 'smart' wif 'experience'? jeez..

Dennis said...

My message wasn't aiming at you but i dont know why you took it personally. Maybe it relates to you and you got offended but i am sorry it turned out that way.

I, can never beat you with that "experience". I don't intend to.

We are purely outsiders, hence we dont really know what is going on between them. Although the outlook of it seems that her bf is avoiding her, but there could be a million reasons underlying it.

For all you know, maybe there is something in mayc that is driving him away. Maybe its mayc's own problems, not him. This is only speculative. So its not as simple as asking her to quit just like that. (That was just my message simple to her)

Only mayc knows what is best way to go about it. So take less the influence of outsiders who seems to be asking her to quit.

Although i would envy to be in eddie's position very much, i can still give my opinion that is best for her, not myself. Hence i dont involve my own experience in my advise, because i am not mayc.