Saturday, May 2, 2009


TIRING day...
went to work today and slept at 4 A.M yesterday..
tired tired
someone promised me that will find me to have lunch
i dont have lunch time btw..
i only can go out buy food in 30minutes
and so that dude late!
at 1st he told me that he need to fetch his mum
then only come and meet me
by the time he reached sgwang i already start working
the reason he late is not because of his mum only
but my cupcake!!!
i'm so touched at that moment
cant believe that he will buy for me
plus i dont expect he will buy it
damn happy...
too happy already
sounds like crazy girl laughing and smiling around..
PICHA OF MY CUPCAKE......................................

thanks alot alv..=)
next heading to sushi king
such long time dint eat rice and meat cause of diet
and today i break my rules..=(
i ate tori karrage don...
my favourite rice!!hehehe...
i seems like hungry ghost once the rice served on my table
what to do..
diet really very hard and suffer..
i have to keep on with it to achieve my goal!!=)

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