Friday, May 1, 2009

what a mess...=.=

today is labour day
no school..OH YES!!
went out with my beloved alvin tan a.k.a my ex
fetch me from my house heading to sunway..yuhoo
went to watch 'coming soon' 2nd time for me=)
for me actually that movie not bad la
but i still dont dare to look at 'chaba' face
very scary especially her eyes
but alvin seems like nothing to him
what the...=.=
after that when to wong kok cafe eat mummum
those waitress must be deaf
i told him i want soup noodles
and he order korea super spicy noodles for me
the next heading to 'look out point'
yeah.i love to go there dont know why
on the way goin there that time almost reach
i'm there already feel so happy
once turn de corner to park at jockey then shyt happened!
stupiak fatty man driving kembara bang on alv's car
really damn HOT at that moment
i even more EMO than alv even that car not mine
thought can have a lovely dinner without any disturber!!!!
who knows shit happen?ishh
somemore that time many cars passing by
have to park at aside and that feller drove down to hill cause no parking
ok nevermind
went down there to search for him
know what?
he went have his dinner..WTF
i totally feel like wana kill someone at that time
we waited him to come back but at last not even his shadow
he wanted to ran off actually
what kind of man is this?
while waiting i found out that he dint lock his car
wow..thats the time i revenge back
know what i did?
go in his car and MESS up his car
throw all the tissues everywhere after i wipe sweat
sounds disgusting yea?
who ask him to step on my friends tail?
he deserved it!!!
try to find any detail about that man
i found his mum IC..=.=
and also his name card of cause
thanks god!!
alvin went to report police after that
really end up with a mess..
**To alvin:I'm so sorry for everything..if i dont ask you to go look out point then this shit wont happen..i have to apologize no matter how..its because of me again..i knew that you love your car very much and your car just like part of your life and now not in good sorry..i meant it..i really do..

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