Wednesday, May 6, 2009

out of sudden...

time shows 7.12 P.M
time for me to enjoy my 'tasteless dinner'
there is someone called me
with his weird voice seems like hiding something
but is actually he wanted to play song for me to listen =)
he is the only guy who willing to do so
he played my favourite song which is
RUN-leona lewis
i'm so suprised that he called me just to play it for me
i really touched at that moment
thanks alot
i really like alot!!! =)
this is the 2nd time u play after a long time
i still remember last year you played
'wo bu pei' by jay chou
and now you take it out and play it once again
eventhough it's dusty after a long time you put on top of your cupboard
you told me that everytime when you think of me
your organ will remind me of you
saying that i 'bring you back'
i guess it's a good news for you and me too =)
after a long time being another person
and NOW you can be yourself!
believe me...
go ahead and be yourself
it's you means YOU!!
be yourself!
i'll always support you
time shows 8.27 P.M
out of sudden i received a message from one of my ex
*stunned for a minute*
he is confessing his feeling towards me
this is not the 1st time
i dont know what to do
follow my heart?
let it flow naturally?
i DONTeven know what myself want
all i know is not to hurt anyone of you
all of you are important to me
i dont hope to hurt anyone of you
why fall for me?
why choosed me?
i'm not worth for you all to fall in love with
i rather single for few years
since i been single for 7months
for the seek of me
believe me..
i'm not the right girl to be in love
both of you also my ex
same time same year to be with me in the past 4 years
i DONT hope to see anyone of you get hurt because of me
decision is in my hand
and im not gonna make any decision right now
no one forcing me to make anyway
*i'm just too sensitive*
after so many things happened on me for the past last year
i'm totally fed up with myself
keep questioning myself
[no one can figure it out for me except myself]
am i suppose to happy or sad?

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