Tuesday, May 26, 2009

too hungry??

My eyes look damn freaking small..

This is my look without any make up..>.< *still dare to post up*

while we walking to LRT station that time suddenly feel like wana eat something
arrr HA!!
there you go
long long time never eat already
kinda miss it
heading to LRT station..
Am sure you all know where it is right?
me and my friend in the LRT already..
and yet we eat toufu fa there..lol
many peoples looking at us but we DONT care
i told my friend do what we want to do
dont care what people think about us
as long as we happy then its more than enough



yii said...

last time my fren eating at LRT ,
then let ppl scold oh..

somemore phone our schOol and complain..
then my fren kena potong marks

MaYc said...

lol..i eat aso nothing ark..noone scold us..haha...we take pictures some more..hahaha