Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye to everything...

Am i supposed to be happy
cause of?
my dear babe bB boss at last have a partner in her life
after a long time single life for her
feel damn damn happy for her
i'm wondering when is my turn?
i dont want?
i'm choosy?
i just hope all my friends and babe stay happily with their own life
so do i
i cant deny that i dont have any chaser
but all all of them used to argue with me
i also dont know why
maybe i'm really not suitable in love
love really troublesome
unless you found someone who will to scarifies for you
willing to do anything for you
and now in this reality world i truly BELIEVE there is no true love
all they want is just to fool around...
flirt around..
hard for me to find someone who really understand me well
yes i have one
but in the end?
what a sad ending between me and him
what can i do?
take it as lesson for myself not to trust guys too much
once they changed,they will never come back
this is what i believe all this while
being single is also a good choice
no worries
no responsibility
much more freedom
i start to EMO again
that's my trademark
to all my dear friends and babes
do appreciate what you're having now
i'm here for you always
heart you all so much
leave me alone
To:George low
tears dropping
can you please dont go?
although you're not close to me
but my heart tells me that you're a good guy
i dont hope to see all my friends getting farer and farer from me
i will feel so lonely
i know thats impossible for u to stay
and now you're going to the same place as my ex go
it remember me a lot of things
no matter how i will send u to airport and have a drink with you once before you leave
although we never meet before but the way you treat me really touched my heart
nothing much but just friends between us
i too appreciate you as my friend that's why i dont feel like letting you go
you will come back right?
will you still remember me?
i hope so..
i will pray hard for you as well..
do take care of yourself when you're there
keep contact with each other trough msn and skype k?
Happy moment
*when you pass me poker chips
*you're always my richest banker
*when i scold you for twice
i dont mean to scold u
i dont wish to see my friends like that
you understand?
i hope you dont always emo like me
stay happily alright?


1 comment:

George said...

You truly touched my heart...Reading this post hurts my heart...All i can say is that having you as a friend is by far one of the best things i`ve ever done without regret...

Promise me one thing...Dont ever shed a tear for someone who is not worth it...wipe off all the sad memories...

Well, I have a part to play as well...I`ll keep in touch with you when I`m there...and of course I`ll certainly come back...after 3 years...=)

Smile always