Monday, May 11, 2009

driving me insane....

i dont know how to express out my feeling
is just....
many shit happens
totally make me fed up!!!
at the same time have to face my mid term examination
i feel so stressful
although i seems like nothing but no one know what's behind my smiley face
i always tried my very best to hide it
i don't care
i just want all my friends to be happy
i want them not to feel any stress when with me
I heart all my friends
talk about exam
make me insane!!
thought that i'm ok with it but actually NO
i'm just lying myself all this while
i have to sit for my MUET speaking test tomorrow
it's real STPM exam..
no matter how i decided to resit it
really very tough for me
Omg omg OMG!!!
driving me insane........
good luck mayc....
*try my best*


Anonymous said...

dun gv up MAYC =)
dun let the exam beat u down~
be hapi~
be tough =]

Meng said...

Try hard ! Sure u can do it !
Cheers ...

MaYc said...

thnx guyz...appreciate u all so much..i will try my best...=)