Monday, August 10, 2009

The end of my love life..

This is picture that caught my eyes
you pull me into you
sticker on your car
represent our love
can you see it?=)

our baby girl?lol
i miss her alot..
our 1st date together..
you hold my waist..
i still remember that kind of feeling..=)
picture do talk.
there you go..
this is one of your favourite picture..
i like this picture very much..
many of my friends said that this picture is the sweetest picture of all
this is our last picture we took it together..
after all we no longer in relationship
no longer calling each other ''BI''
and seriously i miss that moment very much
i felt that im a burden for you
and now you live happily compared to last time
no matter whats your decision..
end up i still respect your decision
cause i know you dont like to be forced
sorry if i do..
sincerely apologize to you..
dont have to worry about me..
so far so good i will continue my life as usual
same goes to you
remember to left a LITTLE bit space for me to enter
i told you i will be back and i mean it!!
i will prove it to you one day..
all you have to do is to wait and see..
4th JUNE 2009-10th AUGUST 2009
im proud of myself tho just 2months together
i manage to be with you at least..
please allow me to call you '''BI'' for the very last time
and truly deeply sincerely i really love you so much..
The End
we end our relationship in such an orderly manner and superb way =)


Anonymous said...

dun be sad... :)

MaYc said...

im ok..stay strong...

ReiKo WoNg said...

cheer up my dear

MaYc said...

yeah..i stay strong and fight back to get him back no matter..although im single but im not available..i reserved for ok..staying strong!!=)