Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm still waiting for you..

sux looking..and the pen is kinda heavy=.=
no time to make it more colourful
mayc love eddie
I'm sorry
Please forgive me
sorry my dear eddie lee..
i knew that my writing damn SUXX!!
i wrote it when i was working..
have to be fast thats why..=.=
somehow i just want to prove to my boy that i really miss him alot
though today is already the 4th day he dont want to talk to me
im ok with it
testing up my patience and take it as a test for me
im sure i can do it..
i dont really know what's happening between me and him
im just so BLUR!
i hope that he can wake up as soon as possible..
he said he need time..
im giving you
learnt my lesson from my previous ex
will let you do whatever things as long as you stay with me
the more i control..the farer you will go..
say NO to it!!
right here right now waiting for you
*i know you're at club now..enjoy your night with your friends..*


Gary | JC said...

feel so touch here..
hope ur wish will come true..
wish u gud luck.. =)
stay happy ba..

MaYc said...

thanks gary..=)

Dennis said...

omg you are so unbelievably cuuuute!!

my knees are weak, im getting out of here