Friday, August 7, 2009

Ice ice baby..

here you go candice babe..muax
thanks for accompany me for a little bit longer
come on..dont give a damn ad capture!!
*bB feel so paiseh already*
weiwei babe..muax..
Look alike?=D
*the way we smile*
sohpoh babe..LOL.
ice-ice BABY..wahhaha..
big girl dont cry..
sushi queen sek sek..lai lai..MUAXXX
i love you babe..
dont try to lick me when im kissing you..
*sounds so disgusting* sweettt of you..hee thanks alot to all my babes..
miss out babe wenwen..
no time to take picture with her although we chat so long at madam wong
next time k beb?
bB boss knew that im not happy
due to that she asked me out for a talk and walk as well
she shared alot of things with me..
same goes to me..
babe wenwen talk alot with me till i cant remember what we talked about also
that babe weiwei im gonna pinch her
keep saying rubbish..LOL..
babe candice too quiet..=.=
that bB boss keep on saying ''ICE ICE BABY''
seriously that feel like wana kick her ass out
keep on talking rubbish..even worst than babe weiwei..
anyway..i shared alot of my stuff with them..
i feel much better now..
thanks to all my babes..
love you alotzzz..

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