Sunday, August 23, 2009

sunway outing..=)

sunway toilet camwhore..
look into my eyes..=D
went out with minton today..
both of us keep saying bored bored bored in msn
end up both of us meet up after 2years..
he said i look so different compare to last time..@@
fetch me from sgwang cause i have to go there to take my jacket for next week shooting
went and watch 'The screen'
not really scary but yet i still cover up my eyes with
next heading to asia cafe..
aiyahh..full la..
so we decided to eat light food right opposite asia cafe..
quite famous dessert 'Snowflakes'
try it yourself..=)

this is mine..taroballs series...
this is minton's wan..grassjelly..(seems like drain water)LOL
everyone listen up here..
he called this green bean as BARLI..
afer that heading to
restaurant yuen buffet steamboat..
most famous steamboat in PJ area i guess..
we go there just to meet up with his friends by saying HI and BYE

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