Monday, August 17, 2009

What a happening day..=D

One.FM DJ's
Yooo...JACK in the house!!=)
*missed out DJ Ryan too..*
there you go Rickman on the stage..
*his real life really joke..=P
during working time with bB..
such a happening event going on that day..

there you go..done with our work and it's only 5P.M
just have to work for few hours..
whats next?
Picture Do Talk..
she is changing clothes at that moment
here i come
she likes this dress..
look nice on her yea..
ok DEAL!buy!!=D
walk half way while waiting for another silly babe weiwei..
there you go babe anne..
she looks pretty and cute..
muax muax..
capture with camera much better right?heee..
she kissed me..anybody feel jealous out there?lol..
she looks cute..hee..
LOL..why my eyes so big?
btw..want some champagne?
its champagne bubble tea drink ONLY..
i found a nice belly ring..
wanted to buy but whats the point?
im wearing it
i look so blur in this picture..
bB was playing with my camera..
seriously i do enjoy myself on last saturday
1st time working with my bB BOSS..
and saw artist and also One.FM DJ..
such a group of JOKER!!
hahah..keep making fun and joke though on the stage..
crazy huh?>.<
hope to see them again for the coming event..=)

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