Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mayc is back..

Pictures do Talk....
both of them sharing spec..LOL
*no time to edit this picture..*
I love this picture the most..=D
haiz..weiwei's hp so blur..see...cant see well..
mayc-weiwei-bB boss =D

LOL..i hate this picture..i look ugly DOH..haha..
weiwei like it..=.=
i can feel your warm..
you hug me tightly..
love you
Dont give a damn..
not yet ready la..=.=
mayc@ bB boss
hug me tight dear..muaxx.. you hold camera?
shaking all the way..
cant wait to go club izzit?
first of all thanks for accompany me
really good friends of mine
always be there for me whenever i feel sad or happy
appreciate you girls so MUCHHHH...
though im seriously not happy and shared alot with you all
so i guess im ok soon yea?
i sure i can do it..
not to be sad anymore..
let things flow naturally..
believing in me and believing in you
nothing is impossible..
and now i feel much better after being with you all..
thanks so much to all my good friends out there..
to all my unknown friends who always support me..
dont worry..
mayc will be ok soon..=D

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