Saturday, June 6, 2009


After a long break..
after 8months of single life
after 8months being a single lady
and now
at last
i found my baby boy
many people wondering why i will choose him right?
actually i also dont know
is just feel
i can feel that he can give me a secure life after being with him
i dont care or mind what people say about him
as long as i love him
its hard to find someone who really suit you
and now i found it
after 8months
it's 8MONTHS!!
i thought i wont be in relationship but i cant
cause i really fall for him
i guess kinda long break time for me to calm down and find my baby slowly
im not in a rush to choose a right person to be my partner
thats why all this while im standing right here waiting for the right one's
at last i found him in my life
i feel like everything is NOT important anymore
cause i found my greastest thing of all!
i wanted people to know that i choosed you is my right choice!
whatever rumour about you i will just ignore it
cause i love you not them
prove to them that we can be a perfect couple
from now on i will listen to you always
My promises to you:
[will listen to you]
[love you more than myself]
[will ignore the others just to be with you]
[my heart will always be there for you]
[wanted to be with you as long as possible]
[will never change heart]
[will be loyal to you only]
[never give chance to others]
[will never tell lies to you]
last but not least i would like to say
will never regret of choosing you as my baby boy
as long as we're happy when we together thats more than enough

2 comments: said...

hey!!have long time din chat with u
i'm glad to hear u fal into love again..hope u have a perfect crush in ur life..

MaYc said...

alright thanks xin..this guy realy treat me very very good..he can give me a very very comfortable so happy that i found him and broke up with diiwen..he made a right choice..and now im not regret at all..hopefully you can find your true love soon ya..good luck..