Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happiness that will never end~~

OMG!look!eddie stick our name on his car
i gt suprised when 1st he asked me to see it
i dont know that he really go and do it
thanks baby =p
following pictures taken after we been together

following picture before we together..
which is also the 1st picture we took together
kinda weird yea?

what kind of funny face i trying to do?
seems so serious..

this is eddie's favourite picture
which is also my most ugly picture out of so many
although there is some conflict once we know each other
but i guess by now everything will be ok
no one gonna separate us
talk about time
we really kinda fast together
this doesnt mean that we're playing a fool
or just puppy love
im sure you sincere and love me as much as i love you baby
i dont hope our relationship will end up with 'club'
and i will wait for you even you go to australia
i dont want you to repeat my ex foot step anymore
thats really HURT!
as what you said i will be your last gf
to be prank i dont believe it
in order to make me got confident only one way
which is PROVE it

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