Tuesday, June 16, 2009

thanks baby..

Hey hey hey
im back in action
first of all im so sorry for the late post
many shyts happenned nowadays
my beloved just get one new broadband for me
and so i only can online and so on
lately im so pissed off with someone who trying to mess up with my guy
is actually everything is over but yet that guy dont want to let go
this is ridiculous and stubborn enough for a 21 years old guy
even my guy just 20 years old know how to think wisely than him
trying to be childish
fight here and there and everywhere
end up?
im trying to be patience as what my guy told me not to be so pissed off
nothing that i need to worried about now
cause i got my guy will settle everything for me
hopefully nothing will happen to him
i was really worried about him for the past few days
and now he knew what to do
all we can do is just wait and see
in this 12 days we been together many things happened
i just dont know how to face you anymore
its all because of me
im the one who brings the problem to you
im sorry baby
i just dont hope anything will happen to you
i love you baby
will never leave you
my promises to you will always in my mind
thanks for everything

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