Thursday, June 18, 2009

what a bad day..=(

what a bad day for me today
morning no teacher teach us
recess that time a girl make a mess on my body
what de
freaking angry at that time
she accidentially poured sambal on my shirt and skirt
ok nevermind
but the thing is not even a sorry!
thats what make me angry..ARGHHHH
luckily i brought my sports outfit
if not really damn smelly
smell sambal belacan smell
have to go back by LRT confirm no one sit with me
went to school early in the morning
whole day no teacher come inside
feel so boring so what can we do?
playing around?
this is what we do once teacher not inside our class
is this how we bahave?haha..
this is so not like an upper six student
eldest in whole school but also the most naughty in the school
i played a game with 1 of my indian classmate friend
this game really suffer alot and have to take the pain
if ure too weak then you cannot play this game
confirm can drop out your tear
at 1st im ok with it
longer it getting more pain
but yet i still continue cause i have to take the pain once i start the game
in the end my friend gave up
not because she won
is because she beat my hand till her hand pain
and she saw my hand getting blue black and can see those blood clotting
i wanted to continue but my friend said NO
i dont really know what's the actual and proper name for this game
but i called it slap hand game
those who wanted to play cannot cry!
but just to take all the pain!!
thats the rules of the game
'Take it or leave it'
*seriously i enjoy my pain..haha...

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