Saturday, June 13, 2009

pissed off!!

This is a sad post
although i got love now
but yet im so frus out with something else
trying to help myself out
but i have no idea how to manage it
its not about love cause im happy with my love life now
its about 2F
which is friendship and finance
i tend to spend alot last time
this became 1 of my hobby
but now everything holding me tightly
i have to spend everthing wisely
think twice before buying anything
this is so not me
but what to do
not gonna ask for anyone else
have to help myself out
im adult enough for me to made my own decision
hopefully everything will be fine soon
im so F**king piss off with myself
and i knew someone would love to see me in this condition
no worries
i will settle it on my own

*say yes to myself without anybody help

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