Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AFOS with Team Impact at F1 Sepang circuit..

Hey..saw this?
is TEAM IMPACT back in action..
on 31st of may at SEPANG..
i do enjoy myself very much on that day
thus jhoonaun called me to go last minute..
thanks..not regret at all!!=)

Picture taken by jhoonaun

Nice lambo yea?

Coco liew and mayc

Picture taken by coco.
i like her camera..
nice nice..=D

OMG!!i look so childish in this picture..

come come i give you a kiss

this is such a handsome guy..
he willing to take picture with us..
such a friendly man..

coco and me..
coco..ah yat..me..
sunny day~~~
super hot on that day..
and i look so sleepy..

this is the funniest picture among all..
me-allen teong[A.K.A romeo]-coco
he too tall for me..hahaha
do i look like yawning or laughing?

thanks alot for all team impact members for entertaining me for the whole day
i do enjoy myself alot on that day itself
im happy that u get to know more about car and friends too..
thanks to jhoonaun for asking me last minute if not so wasted..
and peoples out there..
this kind of gathering really damn fun..no joke!
should have be more socialize in it ya..
having another one in this month soon...
must be fun!=)

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