Friday, June 19, 2009


what a disappointed day for me today
my boy told me that will bring me back to his hometown to celebrate his grandpa birthday
but in the end he can make it cause too late
anyhow i have to reach home at 10 P.M
all because of his friend borrowed his car
promised 4.30 P.M. will return back but in the end 7 P.M
waited for him since 4P.M till 7P.M in the end cant make it
after came back from school feel so excited cause already 3days dint see him
but in the end also cant meet
he have to drive back alone and celebrate with his grandpa
im so disappointed at that moment
cause he promised me at 1st
and now cant make it confirm very down and moody
anyway he said will bring me to his auntie house tomorrow
see a super cute baby =D
at least he know what to do
if not i really gonna punish him

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