Tuesday, February 10, 2009

19th birthday celebration..

1st of all im not hapi cause my ex leaving me on my birthday..
once i arrived at airport i dont feel good..
those feeling i have is just very sour taste..
he was busy settle his check in and taking picture with his friends..
no much time with him after he gave me my birthday present..
although its small and light but very valuable and meaningful..
i will keep it nicely and in good condition even after 4years..
his frz fetch me go to airport and back to airport as well..
go that time just me,keat.keke and ting pei..
back that time more geng..
me,sam,ji sheng,steven,keat and ting pei..
im the birthday girl on that day so i sat infront..hehe..
4 of them like sardine at behind..haha..
damn funny..
half way going back then saw mcd..
stop there then celebrate with those nooby..blek..
keat pay for my meal cause he said i dint eat anything since morning so he treat me as my birthday present..
so sweet of him..
he went to the mini market just right beside mcd and bought haegen denz ice cream for me a cake..
cake must have candle right?
market got no candle..how?
keat's idea again..
i dont know what kind of expression should i show them..
i keep on laughing..
really damn funny looking and noob look..
they gave me a most memorable birthday celebration even its simple but very meaningful..
its shows their heart in..
thankz alot..
and dont forget that keat promised that will celebrate single valentine day with me..
promise is always a promise..blek..
next heading to jogoya,starhill..
eat with another group of friends from penang..
they are wei wei,loong loong,bai bai and lim lim..
all of them guyz and i call their name till like girls..
we have our dinner over there..
nice food nice buffet i like it..
pay 100 per person but i seems lk eat 20 bucks food only..
although my friends treat me and yet i feel that not worth..
i ate so little..
although this time my 19th birthday celebration he not here with me but i still can be so happy..
this is what he hope to see from me..
i wont make him disappointed..

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WeiZz said...

jia you oh^^
wish u~~