Friday, February 6, 2009

day by day~~

left 3days..

dont know what i really can do for him in this 3days..

im trying hard to do my best for him before he leave..

hope that he will like those things that i do it on my own for him..

variety of cookies,photo album,enlarged picture me and him..

the week before he leave is the week where i suffer the most..

but no matter how he always be the 1st in my heart..

i will think of him 1st before i do anything..

how about him?same as me or....??

i really dont know..

he actually dont allow me to follow him go to airport at the 1st place..

then i told him that day is my birthday and i keep beg him to let me go with him..

at last today he allowed!!thnx god..

eventhough i celebrating with him at airport but i feel so satisfied!!

this is because i can be with him til the last minute..

hope that he will remember me and keep contact with me in this 4years time..

cant be couple??nevermind..friendship is enough for me..

thats all i hope..

those memories between us will always in my heart forever and ever..

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