Thursday, February 19, 2009


i got cheer preview tomorrow after school..
im so nervous..
my brain work kinda slow..
so sometimes i will forgot my position..
so what i do was write down all in my hand..
at least got something for me to review..
so stupiak of me..
always busy with my running no time go for my cheerleading practise also..
i have to catch up with it..sighh..
my study as well..
this whole month totally very busy..
then next month which is march gona have inter zone athletic tournament..
im so stress uppppppp.....
is there someone willing to lend shoulder for me to ly on with my sweaty face??
hahahha..i guess no one right?
dirty cat of me..=p
i went to school this afternoon at 12something..
so i have to went up a staircase which kinda long..
wow just nice,primary school kids all finish school..
arghhhh...HATE IT!!
shout here and there..
so i just keep quiet and walk..
half way walking up suddenly a little girl step on my shoes..
i look at her..she look at me..[staring]
not even a sorry..=.=
show me stupid face some more..
that wan i really cant tahan anymore..
so when she walk infront of me i just step back on her shoes and her shoes left behind...wakakak..syok!
padan muka..
although im kinda childish this time but this is to let them know what is the meaning of manners..
one 19 years old bully one 7yrs old girl..blek..=p

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