Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tournament week..

what a sad week for me..
from tuesday till friday got tournament for meeeeeeeeeee....
before this my left leg muscles cramp..
cramped till now..=.=
already 1 weeks plus i guess..
really very tough and pain but i have to run also no matter how..
for the 1st day i ran 800m..
thought got confident can win the end 2nd..sob..
sprain my right leg that time..what de..
now both leg damn cacat..
walk here pain walk there pain..
i guess i need a wheel chair right now..
how am i going to go out on this coming weekends??
its valentine day..
and yet today is still continue my last event which is 1500m..
run run run half way gastric..
padan muka!!
but anyhow i need to continue to finish off my event..
this year is my last year to run for my own school..
no chance le..
im old enough already..
in the whole stadium im the oldest in a nice word eldest la..keke..=p
so embarassing cause i lost to a 16 years old girl..
i entered 800m n 1500m also saw that indian girl..
both events i also lose..
both events also 2nd..sigh..
she is really good in long distance..
i admit that im old enough to compete with them..sigh..
what can i do now is to concentrate in my sports day..
train all my juniors in march past..
do my best in cheerleading..
thats all im hoping now..


WeiZz said...

take care ah...
dont let urself get hurt>.<
take care body..
if cant.. dont mian qiang!!
wish u recovery soon^^
take care~~

mata coklatbiru said...

pity u may..
anyway, better u check kat clinic mane tau ur kaki kene exhaustion ke..
take care

MaYc said...

hmmm...yea yea im ok dun wry guyz..hehe..i dun k my body when i enter in sports..sports is my life..