Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mr fucker birthday...

1st of all happy birthday to mr fucker..
old friend of mine..
today is his birthday so i as his friend should celebrate with him..
knew him since i was form4..
i stil remember our 1st meet at photo sticker shop..
we went to watch movie..
[eden lake]-horrible
after that we went to eat ichiban sushi at pavillion..

after that we went to eat at jogoya,starhill..
kinda like there..
enviroment sux..
RM100 per person somemore..=.=
kinda many food to eat..cause its buffet..

both of us dint eat much cause befire this we ate at ichiban..
you happy he is..haha..
enjoying his lamb chop..

he knew that i like to eat 'kam jam ku'
he purposely went and take a bunch of it..
OMG!!!thats alot...
he really crazy feller..haha..

today is his birthday..
not forgotten cake of cause..
too bad there dont have a big cake but in pieces..
have variety of choices..
we took tiramisu,chocolate crunchy,black forest,and 3 more different flavour..

wow..look delicious yea?hehe..
after cake what would be the next??
yea..thats right...
haegen-denz of cause..
we took six different flavour also..hehe..
vanilla,tiramisu,summer berries,coffee,corn and cookies and cream..

saliva dropping out??haha..
both of us eat till so full..
especially him..

i really hope he enjoy his birthday today..
nothing much can do for you but just this..


VeNEx said...

go pavillion din say la
i also got go there for movie le
really long time dinsee u jor
u ar
mou sam ger

MaYc said...

haha..hw i noe wo..u aso din ask me..hehe

MaYc said...

haha..hw i noe wo..u aso din ask me..hehe