Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The heart of someone who fells with someone half the world apart;

i thought you we're just like all the others
until you proved to me wrong
im scared to lose you
im scared because i've finally realized
how much u mean to me
i think your the amazing boy ever
and if i could pick anybody it would be you
i get that strange feeling when your around
im scared to do something wrong
to make you wan't to leave
i pretent not to care
but really i care more than anybody in the world
loving you is like breathing,how can i stop?
i get this best feeling in the world when you say hi
because i know for a second i crossed your mind
meeting you waas fate,becoming your friend was a choice
but falling in love with you was beyond my control
once i dropped a tear into the ocean,the day i find it is the day i stop loving you
one thing i may have to say is ILOVEYOU

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