Friday, November 21, 2008

funny guy

haha...wat kinds of stupiak thngs tat my frz did it today..
he cm n find me wif 2 of his frz..1 is kai sumthn n another wan is jia ming..
gosh!!tat jia ming dam luk lk wu zhun!!swt ...=.=
bt is oli side la..frm nt same jo..keke..
tat guy wan buy slipper n my wrkin place thre gt sell bt he said nt nc n went off..
dam shy guy..haha..

dy 2days been locked up at shp cant go break cz nt enuf crew..hv 2 ask other ppl da pou o delivery..
de whole bog shp oli i alone..sienz..bored to death!
i eat tomyam meehun at 130pm then arnd 3sumthn starts 'music' inside my stomach dy luckily my frz cm n find me..
i wanted to ask him buy sum food 4 me bt 2 bd 10 mr mins he nid go sing k wif his frz jo so i hv 2 tahan again..
suddenly tink of greenbox inside gt snack which v can tk as mny as v wan..
so i beh tahan ask him to bring sum snacks out lo..
actually i was jz jk oli i din noe tat he realy went n tk some snacks n put inside his pocket n gv it to me..
bt of cz wrap it wif tissue la..nt tat dirty la..
when i saw his face i cant stop laughin..
can u imagine a guy did tat??hahahahahaha..put inside pocket sumr..haha..luckily nt erhmm..

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