Sunday, November 23, 2008


everyday facing 4 white walls..
think many kinds of things..
there is always a question mark inside my head..
wondering is there anyone who i love the most?
if there anyone that i care the most?
or is there anything that i can do for you to make you happy?
i really hope i'll always be the 1st one's in your heart and im the most important for you..

everyday worried about you..
everyday when i was working and i'll wondering what are you doing right now?
everyday wanted to call you..
everyday wanted to hear your voice..
everyday hope that i can go out with you..
everyday hope that u will accompany me when i off day..
everyday hope that i'll find me..
everyday hope that i can see you..
everyday hope that you'll happy ever after..

1 comment:

doufu said...

hey,cheer up k?
U wil always live in his heart,too
Everyday is a nice day~~~Keep it up~~~~