Sunday, November 16, 2008

nite part time job??

hmm..been long tyme no update my blog sowie yah..
wats new??hmm..
ytd saw bk my frz at sg$ lo while im wrkin..
dint c him 4 almost 2yrs..
he sicked..swt bt nw ok dy so he cm out bk n pou le.
hahah..stil so ego wif he kinda..hmm..hard to say..
neway..when i was sittin at my chair then suddenly a gal cm n buy earrin..
when she wana pay $ tat tyme suddenly she ask me 4 num n said tat actually is her frz wan it de..n she said gt sum wrk wan intro to me..
so i jz gv lo..when i reach hm jo tat tyme i received mny cals frm unknown num..
so i jz dun k n ask them not to cal bt msg me..
thre is a num asked me wan wrk nite part time job??
i duno hu de hell is tat n i jz answered ' nt interested in nite job stuff,sowie'
tats insane!duno wat kind of wrk is tat.
might be prostitude..ahhaha..
luckily im clever enuf..if nt..HABIS!!!
im wonderin hw cm dey wil choose me ar since sg$ stil gt mny other gals which much more beta lookin than me..rite??
weird la...=.=


yii_yii90 said...

So you better dun simply give your num to people that u dun know lor~

MaYc said...

ya ya i noe de la..hehe..thnx yah..