Wednesday, November 5, 2008


yer..evydae wrk..1mnth 7daes off..when i wrk i dun hup to wrk..when i off i hup 2 wrk..means i duno wat i wan aso..sienz aso go ts n sg$ other place to go bf accompany me..frz al aso bz wif their stuff..luckily i found 1 of frz hu alwiz willin to help me o pui me..alwiz find me da pou cz he jz wrk at LOT10 oli v jz went out n hv movie together..1 is vampire admired me n another 1 is tropic thunder..wat a stpid funi la..tat stupid vampire mr stupid..kip on takin off their clothes..sighh..shwin off their BOOBS..nt vy big aso wat..shw wat neh?huh?oh ya guyz out thre..tat movie gd 4 u al..hhahaha..MUST watch it!!neway 4 me is quite bored la..jz sum prt scared dao ppl de ghost prt is dam fake..nt evn lk ghost aso..jz put n fake teeth oli ma..cheh..i aso can be la..cheh..haha..neway a life without partner in life aso quite fun de..i noe is bored bt i can entertain myself in de other way..p/s:dun tink neg thng ar..haha..find frz to go out hang gai aso quite fun de actually..jz tat dey r nt my bf oli..hv 2 suit myself fast in it so tat my ex no nid so wry bout me..i alwiz mk him wry bout me cz of my thnkin..nw mai nth jo lo..v stil gt close than last tyme..wateva rubbish aso tok de..hehe..feel so hapi to c him lk tat mr worries,sad n responsibility..both of us nw can continue our life lk usual..hehe..hapi go lucky...!!=)

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