Sunday, November 2, 2008

i respect u...

hmm..since he choosed to leave me..i cant du i nid 2 du dy done..begged him??YES..say sowie to him??YES..try to get him bk??YES..nt to let tis relationship let go so easily??YES..i dy du my he stil dun k bout it..n i asked him ytd nite..he stil lub me??de ans is NO..he said nw oli can be close i respect his decision..wat he wan du then jz let him be..he gt de RIGHT to mk any decision cz v're nt married..he's stil available to choose any1 he lk..i jz can pray 4 him in de future n wish him al de best in wateve he du..he alwiz vy careless in duin thngs de..ply fb til al his body injured xpecially his leg..alwiz dun drnk wtr de bt 100plus..notti boi..i evn put his name notti boi in my cntct list..keke..=p nw im ok dy..i dy thnk jor long tyme le..i dy du my prt..he dun appreciate me n tis relationship is his wish..i cant force him to lub me cz he dy dun lub me anymr..i hv to let him go so i aso feel much beta rather than sufferin alone..which my frz alwiz said i 1 sided point of it!!n tat's TRUE!he decided to go tis way go let him go ahead ba..he happi then i aso hapi..lub sum1 no nid to hv him long as he's hapi then i aso feel hapi 4 him..nw i feel much beta wif my single life same goes to him i guess..evnthough i prefer to b in by nw i wun be in lub so fst yet..i learnt frm him..n he teached me alot of thngs..wil alwiz rmb it tis 1yr n 8mnths i realy vy hapi to b wif him..n seriously i realy appreciate our relationship vy much..wil kip our memories as de sweetest memories btw cheah may see n desmond mah..i du lub u wif al my heart n k alwiz n u'll alwiz be in my heart 4eva n eva..

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