Tuesday, November 11, 2008


today when i was alone at shp de whole dae i kip holdin it..its my ex gv me de present frm hk..bracelet..i evydae aso gt wear it to wrk..bt i lost it today when i on de way goin bk to hm..haizz..damn fuckin sad rite nw..y dun i jz kip it at hse?y mz i wear it??if i kip at hse sure wun lost it de..haizz..duno whre it fall..i kip on findin it arnd my hse area bt stil cant find it..at de same time my sis jz knew tat i broke up wif my bf..she so k bout me n ask me whether im ok wif it o nt..n she said tat 'i dun tink so diiwen dun lk u..he jz du1 me feel sad cz he leavin soon' sigh..after i heard tat frm her i feel mr sad..is tis fate??directly after she advice me tru sms then lost my bracelet jo..haizz...i appreciate al de thngs tat he gv it to me..i kept it al properly n nicely..bt too bd i lost it dy..haiz..hup he dun mind..bt i mind!!haiz..i lub it so much..he gv it to me together wif triangle de ar..so stupid of me..hate myself so much!!wil nv so stupid anymr....!!

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