Tuesday, November 25, 2008

im banana...

tis is nt a gd thng 4 me bt funi..
tis is hw 'banana'wil talk like..
i saw my frz at lrt station when i goin bk tat tyme..
v chat awhile oli cz lrt too mny ppl tat time til cant tok..
plus i kipon smelling those pakistan de ampit so.................
i jz kip quiet cz too mny ppl n hv 2 sequeeze wif them n dey put up their hand tat time..
lk few yrs dint bath..
n so my frz go dwn at chow kit n me titiwangsa..
so b4 he step out of de train i asked him to bkful..
i spoke wrg wrds..
is actually 'xiao xing' rite?
i spoke dao 'chao xing'...swt...=.=
my frz luk at me awhile n i feel so paiseh tat time..
then i said sowie is actually xiao xing..
so s2pd of me...
tis is wat v called as banana..

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