Wednesday, November 19, 2008

part timer??$$??

nx mnth gona b a dam free mnth..
a mnth 4 me to relalx myself..i guess..
my stupiak boss change me to part timer ar..haizz..
usually my wrkin place thre if full time 1 mnth gt 7days off bt part timer almost 12 days off..
tis is nt cal wrk jo lo..
3days wrk 3days off..continuously off.
when de tyme i nid $$ de most god treat me lk tat..
i gt alot of stuff to buy..
i nid use alot of $$ on dec n jan..
shit i can b lazy..
i nid to find a new job again..
if i stil continue tat job i tink i evydy nid to eat bread de la..
haha..i wan find a job which high salary de..whre neh?
so bd de boss..
i start wrk at oct 20th count as part time nvm lo..
nov gv me hapi awhile cz full time thn nw change me bk to prt time..
haiz...hate sei him!!n kik sei me..hump!!!

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