Sunday, October 12, 2008

bored day!

me ar...he ar..she ar..sigh...duno la..early in de morn i find frz 2 go out wif me cz i lub 2 go out on weekends rather than jz sty at hm nth 2 du..tis is me!!i mai find my best frz lo..A cant pui i went n find B which is my ex n aso close frz of mine..evnthough v couple b4 bt our frzship stil so close..nt mr than tat of cz!im hvnin my bf at de same time..i lub him so i wun do sumthnn which betrays him de!!I LOVE U MY DEAR DIIWEN!!i went wif my net frz..kinda bored..4 de 1st dae v went out quite hapi de bt sunthn occured btw us so nw mk our frzship gt sum prob..i duno hw 2 describe his attitude bt de way he treat me kinda diff..n i feel nt comfortable when wif him..aARGHHHHH!!so i quickly called B n he went to orphanage hse..sigh...nid 2 wait 4 him so long til my moustache aso grwin longer n wat can do?wait him til 430..anyhw de movie starts at 400..he late ler!!when in movie watch tat stupid house of bunny!!wat de!!although its funi bt 4 me kinda point!!kip on shwin their BIG BOOBS!!huh??go bk tat time hv sum arguement wif B sumr..tat tyme i dy nt in mood n feel moody bt stil gt stupid prob happen..haizz..anyhw its nt a big deal!duno y de whole dae feel lk 1 kind!!it makes my dae so bored after al findin al mt frz..sigh!!frz a frz 2 go out wif me aso hrd!!human life was so complicated!!=.=

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