Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love me not??

wat can we say bout love??wat can we say bout in lub wif sum1??is thre realy a lub btw both of them o jz 'monkey lub' which plying around n fooling around??sumtymes i realy feel weird y gal n guy must be loved by each other a??y must dey be 2gether??jz 2 hv baby??o jz 2 hv sweet memories btw them..hmm...i realy duno...hw gd if a couple together nt without argue bt less jealous some of de couple so sweet n can last long..realy salute them!!tis is de 1st tyme i being wif a guy 4 1yr 8mnths..i tot i realy found my true lub le..i tot he'll lub me alwiz n wun hurt mr bt nw i noe al guyz cant b trusted!!i gv him wat he he take it granted!i control him abit he dun lk..wat can i du then??tis nt tst early in de morn we me cry til my eyes swallow lk shit!then evenin he called me again n argue wif me..cried infrnt of mny ppl sumr cz im at sunway tat paiseh!!i jz cant hide my feelin..i tryin to mk myself nt 2 tink bt i cant..i kip on laughin lk those gal cm out frm myself excited bt it jz frm outside nt inside..he called me bt argue wif me..i realy duno wat he tink..n jz nw 10sumthn he called me again..argued abit bt nt realy argue..jz my mood swing n mk me kinda fieerce so i fast fast say i gv him sum tyme 2 tink carefully wat he wan b4 he made his final decision!then i jz put den de phne if nt ii scared i'll say wrg things..i du1 2 hurt him o gv he stress anymr cz he dy vy stree up wif his car which spoil dy 3days his parents kip mumble him tis n tat n mk him feel so annoyin..i'll stand at his side n tink 4 him as well jz tat he i can du nw is jz gv him sum tyme 2 calm dwn himself so he wun mk wrg decision..=(


FriendlyFriend said...

Hrmm..i can explain abit about love if you want to is the affection we feel towards an individual..maybe because of his/her appearance, personality, the way he/she dresses or communicate..its not what we can juz occur like be honest our hormones are also involved in this..lolx..and just to add in, a good understanding between each other is very important in maintaining a relationship..
I'm a guy and i know most of the guys love to take their relationship for granted..but same goes to some of the girls.. Its good u tried not to drag the arguement..and give him time to calm down..evrything will be fine..

MaYc said...

hmm..thnx btw..i get wat i mean..i wil bear in mind..neway u add in sum sscientific stuff in which is hormones tat u mention jz nw..hehe..dun wry yah im gvin him tyme nw 2 tink carefully of wat he realy nid..