Monday, October 13, 2008

life is so complicated!

whre??y??sigh..duno y kinda moody in tis few days..stress up wif exam??arguement wif frzZ??miz my bf which i din hear his voice 4 2daes dy..??o mayb myself mk al tis thng happen??i realy duno..last week i went out wif my frz jz feel moody n du1 to talk much..evn 2ml is my last dae of my final exam bt stil i dun feel hapi wif it..suddenly feel lk no1 k bout me..feel so lonely..i wan2 hear my bf's voice..duno hw's his condition wonderin wat he duin rite de same time im fan-ing in findin i noe my old place which i wrk thre last yr wan2 close up duno whre 2 find is complicated!!cant v jz mk it mr simple??i wonder y human's life is jz lk tat??sum said our life vy long bt sum said vy shrt jz lk du u agree wif tat??i realy least nw i stil can continue my life wif al those happiness tat my bf gv it 2 after he go to aus,ALL tis thng gone in jz blink of eyes..each tyme when i tink of it i jz feel my life so EMPTY!NO COLOURS!wat he gona du ovr thre??i noe he went 4 his studies bt wat can i du here then??wait 4 him?leave it??o jz 4gt bout our 2yrs relationship??sighh...v cant predict wat would happen in de future bt i can imagine hw my life go on after he leave me..i cant stp him frm goin..i hv no rite 2 du tat neway..tis is 4 his own future..i MUST let him go no matter i nid 2 du is jz pray 4 him alwiz n wish him al de best in his life in aus..wil lub him so much!!!!!oh gosh!!wat de hell am i duin rite nw?oh jz tellin it out without knowin it..sigh..tis is me..s2pid of me!


Anonymous said...

=] hii

is me calvin :]

hope u din forget me ohh

i see you have so much to worry bout, well im hoping to call you soon, didnt hear your voice for a long time. lol

send me a friendster comment or something, gotta kno if u changed ur number or not =]


Each of us is in Control of our own Happiness.

MaYc said...


at last u find me..

hv been long tyme u din cal me ler..
i tot u 4gt bout me tim..


im stil usin my old num..

rmb 2 cal me ba..=)