Friday, October 31, 2008


today after i finish wrk at 6pm i straight received a msg frm him..he ask me when oli i i said tis sun i he asked me to go out eat lunh wif him cz he gt sumthn to discuss wif me..i kip on wonderin wat he wil talk wif in de conversation..actually i du1 to c him bt i hv 2 face de matter wat ans he gv me i hv 2 accept it..i tot sun would b gd news bt he actually decided to break wif me de..he said v jz go out lk normal frz oli..n dun argue wif him..i dun feel lk argue wif him at al..jz wan be wif him til he leave he wil be goin aus to continue his study nx yr feb..time pass by realy fst..haiz..he dun evn let me 2 b wif him in tis so heart broken..he wan me to be independent n learn to live without him..he tnk he du al tis is 4 my own gd bt 4 me no..he dun evn ask 4 my opinion n he mk such a decision..1yr 8mnths de relationship jz lk tat???he's my 1st bf which is de longest bf being wif me as i appreciate him vy much n i put al my heart n soul onto tis at last??i jz wan b wif him til he leave tat aso cant??y god wan treat me lk tis??WHY????i realy wanted to shout I LOVE U tis wrd to him once mr..I MIZ U 2..last time he promised me tat wil let me be wif him til he leave me bt nw..he suddenly changed his mind..wat to do?i realy duno..sun.........i duno wat wil happen on tat i nid 2 du is jz wait.....

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