Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'M USELESS!!!I'M A JERK!!! last i waited 4 him so long..he msg me last wif him tru msn ytd nite til 2am..n i slept at 3am cz i realy cant slp well ytd nite n woke up at 6am..jz slp 3hrs..sigh..eyes swell lk panda!go skul al my classmate ask me wat happen to my eyes..i dint tel them my prob at al..i duno y jz dun feel lk tellin them..jz wan kip quiet n blurt out al in blog bt nt them..tat's hw i feel..after knowin my 2nd bf which is my blog..i feel tat myself gettin mr quiet than b4..dun lk 2 share my feein wif other ppl bt he gt fine jz 2 pass bk my LG phne 2 me..hup to c him longer bt he hv 2 rush bk cz nid du sum other thng..nt evn 1 min im hapi tat he cm find me evnthough its jz 1 min..its mr than enuf!he's much mr beta than b4..stil gt sms me bt less..dint cal me le..miz his voice so much..1day nt evn 10sms i at least he gt sms me..stil y clear in my mind which he said duno y evytyme when he find me he feel so angry n his tempere starts to cm..i feel so hurt when i hear tat kind of wrds cm out frm his mouth..heevn said he vy hrd 2 communicated wif me..mayb tats true!!i duno hw 2 tink 4 him..i duno hw 2 be his perfect nt his misses right!im a jerk!nt suit 2 being wif him..he lub freedom bt i cant gv to him..wan he wan i aso cant gv a JERK!!nt worth 4 him to lub me anymr..shudnt b wif him at 1st..wasted his 2yrs time wif me..

dear desmond.listen matter wil u read tis blog o nt tis msg is especially 4 u..go ahead wif wat u hv decided..dun alwiz change ur mind..i respect ur decision..i wil du..u jz du wat u feel tat its ok wif it..go ahead n achieve wat u realy nid..i'll alwiz b by ur side n support u al de way n pray 4 u as well..du tk k of urself..

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