Saturday, October 25, 2008

is there anyone??

hw cm be in a relationship so hrd a??y izit so complicated??cant mk it simple??im in teribble sad tis few of my bf dint listen to me..i dy tolerant wif him bt stil he dun realize his fault..wat can i do 2 mk tis relationship bk lk last tyme??i din angry him..i jz kip my mouth shut when i noe he go clubbin..evnthough i dun lk he go bt i hv 2 let him go..wat he wan du i gv him du..wat he wan i aso gv at last wat i get?did he realy understnd hw i feel??when he in bd mood scold me..when he in mood??find hu?sure nt me..i dy try my best to tolerant did he appreciate me??i blurt out al my feelin jz tru tis blog..n my best frz..other than tat no1 can un me well..sumtymes i realy feel lk wan2 find sum1 to talk wif bt thre is alwiz no1 thre 4 i can du is jz cryin alone inside my room coverin wif pillow so tat my parents thre realy sum1 hu willin to share me their shoulder........??


yii_yii90 said...

^_^ ii m willing to share~
What ever u did, i will owes there to support euu ~

frenz forever


FriendlyFriend said...

Well its not your fault hes acting like sure u know that the most important thing in a relationship is maybe you can talk to him about wut you feel and what you dont like?..but dun drag it till both of you fight with each other..try to make him understand your feelings..and dun put a high hope that he will chg in a day..patience is take it easy and slowly..
Gudluck with it ya..=)

MaYc said...

i gt try tok wif him bt he stil dun un his wrg!!is his wrg anywhre..he scold me bk n angry at me wun angry??im a gal..i aso gt feelin de ma..nt alwiz i tolerant him bt he tk it grantted..haizz..

Rabbit's lui said...

i'll lend u my shoulder~ i understand how u felt now~ be strong k~ ^^

FriendlyFriend said...

Hrmm..icic..hes taking the relationship for granted indeed..maybe bcuz he thinks that if he buys you nice nice will still love and forgive him..tats my opinion anyway.. He needs to know that the way he treats you is more important than anything..he needs to know he cant take you and the relationship for granted..hang in there will have goodfrens around you..

MaYc said... hanging btw..i hang quite long tyme dy..i feel kinda suffer sumtymes bt at de same time i so lub him..if i tel him i feel suffer he sure wil break wif me..instead of he knowing it i jz kip my mouth shut!