Monday, October 27, 2008

sad or happy?? wonderin rite izit a happy dae 4 me o a sad dae 4 me as well??hm.hapi cz i gt 2 close frz of mine accompany me today cz dey noe i nt hapi tis few daes cz of my bf..v kip on laughin around n foolin around..tink of them aso feel so crazy!!haha..wif their funi lookin face..hahahaha..cant stp laughin!n v ate de whole dae aso..duno whre 2 go cz ts n sg$ vy sienz le..go here n thre aso de same place..v jz sit inside restaurant n chit chat lo..take pic wif our dummy face addition today is a malaysian v shud celebrate it aso..ops!o mayb nt!1sowie..duno wat im sayin..=.= de prob im nt hapi bcz i waited de whole dae 4 my bf 2 cal me o msg me bt stil dint receive any cal frm him yet..sighh..missing him damn alot..both of my side aso my frz bt inside my mind is thnkin of my bf..n kip on takin out my hp n c whether he gt msg me o nt..sighh..dy 5days dint c him le..i miz him alot bt i duno he gt miz me o nt?i alwiz wndrin wat's he duin rite nw??i wanted 2 cal him bt i du1 disturb him 1st cz he nid sum time 2 tink whether shud v stil together o i hv 2 du is be patient while waiting 4 his matter wat is his final decision i hv 2 accept de i can say is jz [I LOVE U]..

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