Saturday, October 18, 2008

love luck??

triangle??square??NOP!!segiempat tepat??NOP!!is lub luck!!wat can v say bout triangle??wow..mny kind of diff stories bout it wat they said..when sum1 choose triangle..dey canot choose!once u saw it means u mz buy it!tis is wat i heard frm other ppl la..real o nt im nt sure bout logicially tink ans is yes triangle gt mny kinds of clr..which can mk us feel nt 'loyal'..haha..tis is de photo of my triangle wher my bf bought it 4 me at hk plus a so suprize when my bf buy tis 4 when i alwiz pass by triangle shp n i kip annoyin infrnt of my bf he aso dun k n wun buy it 4 me de..duno y he suddenly go hk n buy it 4me..tis is wat mny ppl said..guy wun alwiz shw out hw deep dey lub their gf til its de rite tyme of it..nw i realy bliv in it!tat's de TRUE!!!

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