Friday, October 17, 2008


my goodness..wats happenin to me?wats wrg wif me?am i ugly?o im too choosy??i ask fur job in few 1 aso du1 hire me..wat de hell..izit im 2 ugly 4 them??at 1st they said wan hired me then went de nx dae i called them 4 double confirmation then dey said fulled..wat de hell??i realy duno hw 2 find wrk anymr..y izit nwadaes so hrd 2 find wrk??o yet im nt qualify 2 be in their shp??bt they r jz sellin their clothes is kinda diff frm others la..kinda special..tats y i choosed tat bcz of im choosy..ya ya al my fault!!stress up til duno y suddenly i went n piers my belly..wat de..i scared of it long tyme ago bt suddenly i wanted 2 du it..realy so SUDDEN!! is my worst dae in mth of oct!!

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